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    Flash Crashed after 8 ours of work on a routine thing

    ScottBrowne123 Level 1

      Worked on a project for 8 hours. I should have saved it, but the abobe stuff seemed to be bullet proof. I pressed the up arrow and poof gone.


      Why is there not some sort of auto save for when it crashes? such a simple task you completely forgot. I guess now I have to save non stop to use your product. I don't want to sit there and mash that crap all day long.




      Another thing why does cutting and pasting frames from another file always put it in random spot? then when you go to move it, you have one messed up animation. When you click on a layer, you see the motion in the little colored line, and then the actual pic. When you select more then 1 layer it only picks one of the dotted lines, but it proceeds to copy incorectly.




      BTW why restrict underscores in screen names? WHY? I can't come up with any good reason.