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    Video/Audio Timming Issue with Premiere and Media Encoder

    Claude1971 Level 1

      I've just started using Adobe CS5 and have noticed several issues that preplex me:


      1. I edit a video clip in Premiere and put it into the que for Adobe Media Encoder to convert. The input file in Premiere is an HD MPG2 file. I've set the file output to be Blu-ray AVCHD with AC-3. After Adobe Media Encoder finishes converting the file, the time lengts of the video (M4V) and audio (AC3) do not match. They usually differ by 2 to 6 seconds. This causes video/audio sync problems when brought into Encore.


      2. Some files that I que into Media Encoder from Premiere state "Rendering media." I proceed with the conversion and every thing seems OK except it's not. When these files are brought into Encore, the first part of the files produce the same message (various lengths of the file at the beginning show this message). It seems that this part of the file is never rendered.


      3. I had 250 gb available on my system drive before I started using Adobe CS5 but that free space quickly disappeared. Other software that need free drive space would not run.  It seems that Adobe thinks that it is the only program on a system and doesn't clean up after itself.  I did learn how to clean up the cache mannually. It would seem that Adobe could do this automatically.


      Any suggestions?