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    Exporting "intermediate" settings ?




      I'm working on a 720*576  slideshow made of photos in 15MP, 4min and a half approximately, with a background music I made.

      The best high quality settings I choose are in a Quicktime format, H264 codec. The file is approximately 1GB.


      Now I tried other settings and played with parameters to get a smaller size, in F4V, MPEG, Windows Media, etc. but the results I get are all around 60-160 MB.

      And I need the quality to be a little better (the text is not very clear + photos are a little too pixelated).


      Do you guys have any idea on how can I get something in between, both in SIZE and in QUALITY ? Before I get crazy.

      Side question : is the difference between 29.7 fps and 25 fps noticable ?




      I check the "Use maximum render quality ", put the Blur filter on 0, and use "match with source" in the Presets.