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    I got some garbled Chinese characters when using XIFF framework

    Leo Fang



      Can anyone help me to resolve this issue, I cannot find where is goes wrong?


      I build a real-time chat AIR application using XIFF framework, but I often got some garbled Chinese characters when my contact send some Chinese text to me. My software environment is: Windows XP SP3, Windows 7, Flex SDK 4.5, AIR 2.6, Flash Builder 4.5, Openfire 3.6.4, XIFF 3.0.0.


      More details described as follows:

      1, The text in input TextArea is fine, but the garbled characters maybe appeared when my contact received it.

      2, The whole sentence would be fine, just several characters goes garbled. One Chinese character becomes one or two squares.

      3, The AIR app displays the garbled characters well in other place.

      4, It is only for Chinese, the English sentence always well.

      5, If I use Spark to connect to my openfire server, I have not encounter this issue yet. So the openfire server maybe fine.


      For example, the text in my input TextArea is:



      The text my contact received maybe this:



      Any help is appreciated. Thanks.