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    FDF stopped working after update of 10.1


      We have an application that sends and recives data from a pdf form using FDF. With the latest update from Adobe, the FDF does not display anymore on the pdf and we get a blank pdf.


      It still works fine if we uninstall the new update and revert back to the old version like Adobe Reader X (10.0.x).

      Since we have people who are spread around the world and have automatic update enabled, it is not feasible to ask them to downgrade to make this work.


      Is there a workaround or is there a fix for this soon from Adobe?

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          Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee

          I am able to successfully import the FDF's data into my PDF via Reader 10.1. Could you please let me know the exact steps that you are following to do the same. Here's what I did:


          1. Created a dummy form via Adobe Acrobat 10.1.

          2. Filled in the form and exported the data to create an FDF

          3. Closed all applications and launched the form in Adobe Reader 10.1

          4. Imported the FDF onto the form.

          5. Upon being prompted to trust the document, added it to my list of privileged locations. This populated all my FDF content onto my PDF without any issues.




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            I have the same problem. It's kind of funny. I'm a software developer and I'm programming a VB.NET application that automatically creates FDF-Documents from user's input on a website. After creating the FDF it will open in the user's browser and shows the linked PDF with the data from the FDF. I finished the work on that application today, tested it, made the reader update. But after the update the PDF is empty in browser. I opened the FDF with a textpad. Everything is correct and the content is in it. But it won't display in the PDF anymore. I need help cause my application has to be ready today!

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              eliasct Level 1



              Thanks for your reply. Our application is a web based application that uses FDF on page load to fill in some fields as well as send data back from the page using FDF.


              The code has been working for the last several years and it still works on different versions of Adobe except 10.1 (after the latest update) and a version of 9, after the latest updates for that too. It could be very well a setting inside Adobe Reader and I hope it is.  Either some security setting for sending out data or in running PDFScript with in the pdf.


              We did try the security, Enhanced security and Privileged Locations, but so far no success. If you are doing it from the code can I see it? If not, let me know what you need and we can discus further.

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                eliasct Level 1

                Something I noticed. We have the appliaction in classic ASP / Jscript, code below does not work on Adobe 10.1.0 while it work on older versions.


                Response.ContentType = "application/vnd.fdf";

                /*Set FDF Fields*/

                Response.BinaryWrite (FdfDoc.FDFSaveToBuf());




                But same code in ASP.Net C#, works fine on Adobe 10.1.0


                Any thoughts?

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                  Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee

                  Could you please direct me to any test site that I may have a look at.

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                    I am also using FDF and having issues.


                    Try this link out and see if you get any performance issues with 10.1 that you do not get with 10.0.x...




                    My Adobe locks up while loading the FDF and when focusing fields (via click or tab).


                    I am using host container to communicate between the PDF and browser, and for whatever reason this results in Adobe Reader trying to resolve testsubdomain which does not exist (i.e. it's not trying to resolve testsubdomain.signit.com). I've confirmed this using wireshark.

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                      eliasct Level 1

                      I needed to put a


                      Response.Clear(); before writing the FDF content using Response.BinaryWrite for FDF.


                      This was not and still is not required when using older versions of Adobe Reader, but just for 10.1


                      Hope this helps someone.

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                        Actually, I'm facing similar problem.. But, I'm working on PHP, tried with flush() before redirecting to the PDF, but nothing works. Any other options to make it work? Please help. Thanks.




                        After updating the Adobe Reader 10.1.2, it started to work fine.