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    Using fonts not copyrighted By Adobe.


      Hi people,


      I'm making a phonetics book with Adobe Indesign CS5 and to transcribe the phonetics I need to use Phonetic Ox font. However Phonetic Ox font is a font that Adobe doesn't have any copy rights. When making the documents, Adobe allows me to create text using the non-copyrighted font. However it warns me that when the document will be converted to PDF, the Phonetic Ox font will be missing because of copyright issues.


      I bought the phonetic software about 15 years ago from Linguistics Software Inc, it is on a floppy disk!!! and as part of the price I am allowed to use their fonts in commercial ventures such as publishing.


      At present I am reduced to creating the text, in Phonetic Ox font on Microsoft Word (WordArt), developing the font in Adobe Illustrator as an image and placing the final image on my Adobe Indesign document  as an object.


      Is there anyway that I can use the font as text, rather than as an object, and that when I finally convert my Adobe Indesign Book to a PDF format, the Phonetic OX font will appear in the PDF version?


      Thanks in advance.