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    Premiere Pro CS5 capture from Canon XL1

    David Johnson99 Level 1

      Requesting help!  Premiere Pro CS5 doesn't recognize my XL1 camcorder when plugged in via DV (ieee1394) cable.  I've entered in the Canon XL1 camera in settings, but Premiere Pro capture shows the device as "offline".  The PC is windows 7, 64-bit and it recognizes that a camcorder is plugged in (beeps and displays an icon in "Devices and Printers" when the XL1 is turned on/off.  I downloaded an XL1 driver, but it was dated 2006.  I suspect that the XL1 isn't registering as an XL1 because I don't have a compatible windows 7, 64-bit driver.  I am hoping someone can tell me where I can get an updated XL1 driver or another way to get Premiere Pro to capture (i.e., non-specific camcorder?).  I can't believe there's no way to capture from an XL1 camcorder to Premiere Pro on a windows 7, 65 bit system.  Thanks.  Dave