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    RH8: Topics blank after conversion

    Dominique Marty Senet
      Hello all,

      We've updated from TCS 1.3 to TCS 2. I'm making tests in RH8 before definitely converting our projects from RH7.

      When I open projects in RH8, some topics will become blank. Only hyperlink gifs (browse sequence arrows) located above the title are visible. But title and body are not there. In Html view, there is nothing between </body>
      The topics are nonetheless present in the Project manager.

      This also happened with a few topics when we converted from RHX5 to RH7, but installing a patch just solved the problem. Now this is happening again, in many more topics and projects, and there is no patch available.

      In two of our projects, all topics have become blank! And I've not converted all projects yet...

      All projects work fine in RH7. Due to slowness problems with RH8 as reported in a former post, I completetely uninstalled TCS 2, then reinstalled, but to no avail. Slowness is still there as well as blank topics.

      I could not find any relation between the culprit topics yet. I even imported them (directly from a RH7 backup) into the Web graphics sample project, and they appear empty there too.

      Most projects were created long ago (1999-2001) with former versions of Robohelp. The more recent ones were created with RHX5. PC is brand new and well above recommendations for RH8. Generating HTML Help mostly.

      Does anyone meets the same behaviour. Do you have any clue about what's happening?
      Thanks in advance
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          Dominique Marty Senet Level 1
          Me again.

          Just tried that old trick of rebuilding corrupt projects by deleting the CPD and XPJ files, then opening from the HHP file. It worked!
          Now my topics appear normally in RH8, although the slowness problem is still there.

          Mind you, I still find it weird that all our projects which work fine in RH7 appear corrupted when opened in RH8. There might be an issue here...

          Going back to my tests now. Still have that slowness problem to resolve.

          Good day to all!
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            Dominique Marty Senet Level 1
            Well, now with another problem.

            In all projects I have imported in RH8 with this method, when I view the compiled chm, the viewer has a single frame for the topic, but Contents, Index and Search frame has disappeared and cannot be displayed.

            If I convert the same project to RH8 using the RH7 xpj file, CHM compiles fine - but of course I have blank topics.

            Has anyone a clue what's happening there? I've been searching the forums and KB all day for several serious issues I find in RH8, and everything mixes up in my head by now.

            Evening here so I'll stop for today, but I'll be back on it tomorrow GMT+1.

            Thanks in advance.