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    now to let student 'play' with the graph of an equation

    Fred Schenkelberg Level 1

      Hi - with some help, I'm now adding clean, crisp equations to the Captivate project. And, to show the student how to use the equation - I can do the math and present the result, plus I can ask for an expected response and then show the result (both numeric and graphically). Great, so far.


      Now, I would like to use a slider or entry box to permit the student to alter the calculated result and the supporting graphic dynamically. Basically need a way to do the calculations and graph creation on the fly within a Captivate created 'course'.


      For example, http://academic.pgcc.edu/~ssinex/excelets/Excelets_MCTM.pdf has Excellets that permit this to occur - yet, how does one embed this functionality with a Captivate project.


      Another example, is the Manipulate function within Mathematica, and maybe using MathLink, C code or Java be able to embed the functionality.... maybe?


      Another thought is to us R (gnu statistics package - very powerful) and RCaller or RScript to create via a Java call within Captivate out to an R engine.... maybe?



      the end result I'm seeking is a way to have a formula, like say the normal distribution, and the student can input the mean and standard deviation that then the Captivate project, calculates the result and alters the graph to reflect the input.


      I may be going at this the wrong way - or it's not possible - or, hopefully, someone has already thought though this issue and has a solution. Or, some ideas that I can try.





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          markerline Level 4

          Captivate does integrate some functionality with Adobe Flash Pro.  So you could very well be doing your coding in ActionScript 3.0 using the Graphics Classes of Flash and author a SWF file that will be able to be imported into Captivate for your uses.


          Give it a shot and see if it works.  I am new to Captivate and haven't yet found a use for it in my workflow though that may change in the future.

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            RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Years ago there used to be a software that allowed you to create SWF interfaces from Excel spreadsheets.  These interfaces had dials, sliders, butons, you name it.  You could manipulate the controls to change the values in the spreadsheet embedded inside the SWF.


            I just did a Google search for it but couldn't find the actual software, but there were plenty of other packages that converted Excel to SWF.  Maybe something like that would work.


            The other option is as Markerline said, to create a widget in AS3 and then the sky's the limit. Keith Peters has made some Minimal Components that include sliders and dials to change variable values.

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