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    Does Premier Pro C5.5 have the option to zoom in on a subject?

    acarlson999 Level 1

      Does Premier Pro CS.5 have the option to zoom in on a subject in the video?  How about cropping the picture so you remove the "outside elements" that are distracting at the edges of the original film footage?  I have a home video of my daughter singing and there's an obnoxious man that I thought was out of my picture while filming.  when i uploaded it, I found that I didn't account for the icons on the side of the camera screen and so actually the man is on the edge of the video waving his arms and basically becoming the center of attention while watching the video.  I want to zoom in on my daughter thereby cutting the guy out of the left side of the screen so she becomes the focus of the video again.  Does Premier Pro do this?  Does the trial version do this?  Is there an EASIER program to try for this kind of editing?  Because Premier Pro is complicated and definitely not user friendly for the very Amateur dummy like me.