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    Integrating PDF Forms and Coldfusion

    Rodrigo Alarcon
      Hello, i've been able to integrate Coldfusion and Adobe Acrobat Dynamic form, so people can fill the information and submit it via e-mail with an attached XML file created by Adobe Acrobat form/reader; i've been able to read the information, upload to a database and other stuff... how ever.. i discovered that the automatic XML generated by Adobe Acrobat or Form is in UFT-8 Enconding and when i read for example... spanish characters i'm getting weird signs... is there any way i can change this behavior at the forms so they are automatically generated in iso-8859-1 enconding.?

      Here is a sample XML:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      - <form1>
      + <!-- ******************************************************************************

      If you filled in a form:

      This file contains data that was entered into a form.
      It is not the form itself.


      If you receive this data file:

      Please follow the directions below to process this data file using
      Adobe Acrobat Professional 7

      **To view the completed form:
      1) Save this data file to your computer.
      2) Open a blank copy of the original PDF form that the form filler
      completed in order to generate this data file.
      3) In Acrobat, choose Advanced > Forms > Import Data to Current Form
      and browse for this data file.
      4) You will see the form with the data in it.
      5) To save a copy of the form with the data in it, choose File > Save As
      and save the file.

      **To create a spreadsheet from one or more form data files you have received:
      1) Save the data files to a place on your computer, giving each file a
      unique name and making sure not to delete the '.xml' file extension.
      2) In Acrobat, choose File > Form Data > Create Spreadsheet from Data Files.
      3) Click the 'Add Files' button to chose the data files.
      4) After the data files are added, click the 'Create Spreadsheet' button
      to create a Spreadsheet that contains data from selected data files.

      - <encuesta1>
      - <personal>
      <txt_apellido>my name</txt_apellido>