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    Capturing VHS & 8mm-->Windows 7-->Premiere Pro CS5.5

    The Un-dr. Level 1

      Hello, beginner here and need to know some basics for getting old video into Premiere Pro.


      [I apologize to moderators if this would be considered "off-topic." Please let me know the correct forum to post this sort of thing.]


      I'm using P-Pro CS5.5 on a Windows 7 64-bit machine. I have old VHS and 8mm cassette videotapes (unfortunately!) that I want to convert to digital etc.


      Problem 1 (VHS related): Given I only have an old basic VHS/DVD player lying around, what is the best way to get the VHS video into my computer? Do I need to buy a used S-VHS player/recorder to go S-Video out to some sort of interface? If so, what is a reasonable price for a used S-VHS or interface? (If that sounds so totally stupid you want to throw your computer across the room, I am sorry for my ignorance. I really don't know how you do any of this with older technology--I'm new to video editing...but having fun with P-Pro!.)


      Problem 2 (8mm related): A similar problem: my old camcorder may or may not play back the 8 mm tapes. If not, are there cheaper playback options than buying a fully functional 8 mm camcorder? If my old one will play them back, how do I get the signal into the PC?. Next issue is: I'm worried some of them might be moldy. If they have trouble playing back, is there anything you can do to "clean" them up or at least get something off of them?


      Thanks so much for your patience with a rookie!