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    Opening old Premiere Projects in Premiere Pro CS5

    David Johnson99

      I have some old video projects which I've saved to disk with the idea that I could go back and edit them later.  I just tried to open one of these old projects in Premiere Pro CS5 and it doesn't recognize the old Premiere Pro project.  PP CS5 projects now end with *.prel or *.prproj.  My old projects (some done in Premiere 6, some in PP CS) ended with *.ppj.  I opened the *.ppj file properties and tried changing them from "Opens with Adobe Premiere Pro CS" to "Opens with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5", but it looks like the file suffix remains *.ppj and PP CS5 still doesn't recognize it.


      Is there a way I can convert my old PP projects to PP CS5 so they can be opened/edited in my current software?




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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          I have done what you are attempting to do BUT those were old Pr 6.5 Projects from a Mac, and I was Opening them on a PC with PrPro 2.0, which also used PRPOJ file extensions. In my case, the files came to me with no extensions, but a rename to _____.ppj took care of that. With the exception of some 3rd party Transitions, everything Opened just fine. Note: I did this in a version, that is now many years old, so things could have changed in later versions. Still, PrPro has historically been pretty good when Opening, or Importing Projects from older versions.


          Were these older Project created on the same platform, PC or Mac, as what you have now?


          As as alternative method, have you tried Importing those old Projects into CS5? You might have to alter the Files dialog from .PRPROJ to All Files, for PrPro CS5 to "see" the files.


          Side note: The .PREL extension is for PrElements.


          Good luck,



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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Try importing the old projects into Premiere 5.5 instead of opening them with 5.5

            You should be able to import


            PPJ (Adobe Premiere 6.x project) (Windows only) and


            PRPROJ (Premiere Pro project)


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              David Johnson99 Level 1



              Thanks.  I tried importing into PP CS5 as you suggested, but the old *.ppj file does not show in the Import dialog window.  In the Import dialog, I have "All Supported Media" selected but the list of files meeting this criteria is nil "No items match your search."  My *.ppj file doesn't show.

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                Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Then i am afraid its a no show.

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                  David Johnson99 Level 1



                  I'm encouraged that you were able to do this even across different platforms (Mac and PC).  All of my old projects were done on a PC.


                  I got your method to work by changing Windows Explorer View to show Extensions.  I then changed the *.ppj to *.prproj.  It then appeared in PP CS5 Open Project dialog window.  It went into the normal find file locations dialog and opened/ran just fine.  Appreciate your help, it's good to know that these files I've saved can at least be Opened/edited with PP CS5.




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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Per my earlier post, if you change that from All Supported Media to All Files, can you Import?


                    [Edit] I see that All Files did work, and that you are up and editing! That is great news.


                    As mentioned, the only issue that I had was with a very few 3rd party Transitions, and PrPro was nice enough to tell me exactly where these were used, and what their names were. I just wrote down those TimeCodes, added Cross-Dissolves to replace whatever the previous editor had used, and was up and editing.


                    Now, I did have to go through the "Where is file ____?" process, as the previous editor had drawn Assest from ALL over an external HDD, with no folder structures, or anything useful - what a kludge! I organized all of the Assets (many thousands) into logical order, and once I had re-established the links, all went beautifully.


                    Good luck,




                    PS - the reason that I asked about platforms is that Pr was X-platofrm, but then with PrPro, through version 2.0, it was PC-only. It was not until CS3, that it went back X-platform. This created a little problem for Mac users, with newer PrPro versions, but older PC Projects. We get about 1 of these issues per year, and the answer is for the Mac user to befriend a PC-person, with the right version of PrPro, do that Import step, then Save_As, and hand off the now, X-platform version of the PRPROJ. Hey, it fosters "hands across the aisle," and we've found several PC-users, with the right versions around here, who have done that conversion, out of the kindness of their hearts. That had zero to do with your Project, but wanted you to know why I asked.


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                      Thank you Bill and Dave!  I really...really appreciate you guys "sussing" this out as the Brits say.

                      I was broken-hearted to find that I couldn't open my Premiere 6.5 in PProCS5 even after reading,

                      that I could do just that.

                      After resetting Windows Explorer to show extensions and changing/renaming those extensions

                      from .ppj to .prproj it worked just fine.


                      (for Windows 7: Windows Explorer/Folder and Search Options/View then ,

                      Uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types" Then, right-click on the older versions and

                      switch .ppj to .prproj)  Viola!


                      NOTE: "ALL FILES" is not available in PProCS5's import dialog box.

                      Only "ALL SUPPORTED MEDIA." Perhaps they did away with that. 

                      Anyway, I appreciate all the help.

                      I was really counting on importing those older versions.  I'm just finishing my first feature film and it would have meant hundreds of hours of work, or, alternately staying with 6.5 and losing quality/resolution in the final output.  I know I shouldn't be switching horses midstream, but finances precluded an earlier upgrade.  When I saw the quality difference in the final output especially for larger screens (HD projection), I couldn't resist.

                      Thanks again.  Perhpas I'll get into a festival near you guys and you can come out and see what you helped create.  I'm glad these forums are, often, populated by folks who know their stuff.

                      Sean J. Kenny

                      Director: Burning Folk: A Road Movie