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    I cannot convert my .cr2 files in Adobe DNG




      Can someone help me with my problem before I loose this client.


      I've recently started using the Canon 60D to shoot videos and take pictures. Since I've started using the 60D I was able to land a client who needs pictures taken for his clothing store. I understand that taking RAW pictures are better than JPEG so I am just now experiencing RAW. However I've come across a problem that I cannot find a solution to. I currently own Photoshop CS4 and I do not have the means right now to upgrade to CS5. Photoshop does not recognize my .cr2 files and I later downloaded Adobe DNG 6.4 to convert my files. DNG does not recognize my files, since then Ive removed it and downgraded  to DNG 6.3 and it still does not recognize my files.


      I've tried everything imaginable and nothing seems to work. I've tried dragging and dropping my pics into the Adobe DNG icon, moving my pics to my C drive, downloading Canon RAW codec which then turned my files into a unrecognizable data file and I had to reupload my pictures from the camera again. I do not have a CD-ROM for my camera because it is not mine, but someone elses who is letting me use it for business. I have to show this client the pictures by Tuesday and if I do not have this problem resolved by then I could loose this client and all of this hard work was for nothing. Please help, Thank you. 

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          According to the readme file, the 60D was not supported in ACR 5.7 which was the last version created that is compatible with Photoshop CS4.  If you are not in a position to upgrade to Photoshop CS5 then download the latest DNG converter (currently version 6.4) and convert your raw images to DNG files.  Then make you will be able to open those with what you have.