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    Intermittent Problem of Corruption when printing PDF files


      From time to time I have a problem with text corruption when printing pdf files. Text comes out one character alphabetically later.


      For example, a file I printed yesterday contained the text "ONE WEEK VISITOR LICENCE". On printing it again today (on the same computer and printer), it appeared as "POF!XFFL!WJTJUPS!MDFODF". But another attempt immediately afterwards was correct.Here is a scan of the correct and incorrect printouts



      I have had this problem intermittently over a couple of years, particularly with pdf files embedded as a frame in a web page.


      I am using Adobe Reader 10.1.0 (but the problem has also appeared on earlier versions), Windows XP SP3 with all updates and an HP Deskjet 6980 printer on a wireless link.


      Any advice would be welcome