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    how to copy only few pages to an other file


      I try to describe exactly the steps I followed:

      I have a file of 179 pages indd. Contains
      short stories. I used the files to produce a pdf file that I sent to print (a copy of proof).

      So far so good.

      I also made a blog where I want to publish the
      short stories one by one.

      To this end,
      I opened the initial file (let's call it "A") with InDesign
      I opened a new blank file (let's call it "B")
      I gave to B the same page dimension of A
      I have highlighted in A the 5 pages of the first
      short storie, and with pages / move pages I have moved on B

      I have these problems:

      1) on B, along with 5 pages that I had highlighted on A, I have also two initial pages that I had not highlighted. Basically I did (I thought to do
      ) "copy pages from 3 to 7", and InDesign has been copied from 1 to 7.
      2) these two initial pages I can not erase on B
      3) I then said patiently: now I will produce the html file and then I will take off the 2 initial pages on it.
      4) surprise: the html file contains all 179 pages of A!
      5) then, exploring B, I saw at the end of the last page, bottom right, a red square that appears to be "brought back" the entire contents of A.


      I am at the begenning, so please explain to me as if I were a child.




      Stefano (Roma-Italia)

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Something is odd.


          I have no problem such as you describe using the following proceedure:


          Either select the pages you want to move in the pages panel of the "source" document and fromthe panel flyoout menu choose "move pages," or simply enter a range of pages to move in the dialog after selecting the command from the flyout menu.


          Choose the new "destination" document and chosse if you will add the pages before or after the exisiting page.


          Press OK.



          In the destination the pages appear, and frames are threaded if they were threaded in the source, but no text is included in the thread before or after the section that was moved. You would still have any pages that were already in the destination document, but you should be able to delete them. If you have some keep option set to start on next odd page for the first paragraph of moved text, I think ID would add one extra page if the destination starts on page 1 and you move the pages after it, but again, you should be able to remove those extra pages.

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            John Hawkinson Level 5

            My experience is that sometimes the pages that you highlight (or think you highlight) are not always the pages that get filled into the box. So just specify them numerically to be safe:




            Does that work any better?

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              Stefano1045 Level 1

              it works!



              thank'you to both