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    How to handle paragraph styles in imported text with no tagged paragraph styles




      Im currently trying to import a file (word file / excel I have both formats) into an indesign book and formatting the text automatically!


      My question is: How is it possible to reflow text into frames and when changing frame it changes paragraph?

      Or how is it possible to change paragraph style when forcing a line break when using text reflow?


      I have already figured out how to reflow the text, and actually also managed to relow text into the frames and change paragraph style. I know how to use the keep option, and by this change the paragraph style when e.g. changing frame break/page break etc.  (but if the content being flowed-in is not tagged with style names then I cannot figure out how to do it) The document and its content I whish to import do not have any tagged paragraphs!


      Then I tried to look into "object styles" and format a text frame on a master page with an object style, and by using a "dilimiter character" forcing the text to start in a new frame when bringing the frame into live on a page. But here I cannot make the "text frame/object style" to apply or to work.


      If any of you have a hint, I would be more than happy to hear from you


      This picture are illustrating the outcome I would to get to....

      Dummy page of how it should look like.jpg



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          If the incoming text does not have styles, or has only one style, there is really not much you can do other than assign styles after the import. If there are recognizable patterns in the formatting, a lot of that can be done with Find/Change, and there are a few scripts floating around that can help automate some of that.


          Also, if your styles have a a good "next style" heirarchy built in, you can select large blocks of text (up to the point where applying next style would be incorrect), then right click the style name in the paragraph styles panel and choose apply style and next style (remove overrides). Warning. Removing overrides will remove any locally applied formatting like bold or italics, so local formatting should be converted to character styles first. Applied character styles are not overrides and will be preserved.