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    Acionscript not working in IE

      I have a video that I am trying to make full screen when you right click and select full screen. Thing is, this works in Firefox, but for some reason will not work in IE. The video is at http://www.progressivemultimediaproductions.com/images/ghetto.html
      When you right click it gives you the option to exit full screen, but it is actually a normal size, and then when you right click again, it will let you select go fullscreen, and once again, if you click it, nothing happens. Works as expected in Firefox. Can anyone give me a suggestion, or something to help fix this?!?!?!?!?!?!?

      I have a copy of the actionscript that I used below:

      // functions to enter and leave full screen mode
      function goFullScreen() {
      Stage["displayState"] = "fullScreen";
      function exitFullScreen() {
      Stage["displayState"] = "normal";
      // function to enable, disable context menu items, based on which mode we are in.
      function menuHandler(obj, menuObj) {
      if (Stage["displayState"] == "normal") {
      // if we're in normal mode, enable the 'go full screen' item, disable the 'exit' item
      menuObj.customItems[0].enabled = true;
      menuObj.customItems[1].enabled = false;
      } else {
      // if we're in full screen mode, disable the 'go full screen' item, enable the 'exit' item
      menuObj.customItems[0].enabled = false;
      menuObj.customItems[1].enabled = true;
      // create a new context menu
      var fullscreenCM:ContextMenu = new ContextMenu(menuHandler);
      // hide the regular built-in items
      // now, add the items to enter and leave full screen mode
      var fs:ContextMenuItem = new ContextMenuItem("Go Full Screen", goFullScreen);
      var xfs:ContextMenuItem = new ContextMenuItem("Exit Full Screen", exitFullScreen);
      // now, attach the context menu to any movieclip in your movie.
      // here we attach it to _root, (even though using _root is generally a bad idea,)
      // so it will appear if you right click anywhere on the movie.
      _root.menu = fullscreenCM;

      If there are changes or something that needs to be made please let me know!! Thanks.......