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    ColdFusion Builder 2 questions




      I had been to SOTR this March and I had attended a session (after by Adam and Terry's keynote) on ColdFusion Builder 2 by Sagar. The session was great, didn't expect an Adobe Engineer to come with a nice creative presentation (special mention to the slide explaining the search and the summary one) . I had taken a note of each and everything that Sagar explained and made a point to try out the features. I had a small chat with Sagar and the other engineer (whose name I'm not able to recall now) at the bar. I'm happy to see Builder providing tons of features, but I had mentioned a few enhancements to Sagar that can add more value to it and kind of make the feature complete.


      I've been using Builder 2 for about a week and observed that none of the enhancements had got fixed in the final release, any way putting it here,

      1. Quick Fix: I use eclipse for both Java and ColdFusion development. In eclipse, the quick fix feature adds the TODO comment once the stub is generated. I expected Builder to do this, but it just generated the method in my component. Kudos to the team for providing TODO support via tasks.
      2. Quick Fix for return type: if I specify the method return type and if there is no cfreturn it should provide quick fix option ther
      3. Search: I don't do much of Tag search, but the interface for searching a string is not so good. I know this is taken from DW but hey eclipse is not DW, those who like DW will use DW and not eclipse. Why new DW style search window in eclipse. Should be an option to switch to eclipse view. Some might like the interface but not all, provide an option to switch to eclipse search and I'll be happy.


      The start page looks great, far better than the Builder 1. Sagar mentioned that it is a dynamic one and ColdFusion news would contain latest stories from the team. Extensions would contain the new extensions on RIA forge. I don't see that getting through the start page. What happened to that? Did you all forget it. Please update the page regularly. This might be manager or marketing guys job, I guess no Adam and Alison means no marketing from the team. Can anyone step up?


      Also, the Extensions, I think Luis has created and extension for ColdBox, is this the only extension which is available in the market which is built with the new Extension enhancements. I would like to try out Extensions, but start page shows me the same stuff always.


      I had mentioned these enhancements to Sagar and he told me that there are enhancements logged for these. So I guessed, I need not log one again which would obviously be a duplicate. Does the team plan to release an updater any time? If yes, fix these issues and I will owe you guys a beer when I see any one at the next Scotch

      I do use the shortcuts and the code assist features more often than the others and I'm very happy with it. Good job team.

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          Adam Cameron. Level 5

          Another good answer, Ray ;-)




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            Sagar H Ganatra Level 1

            Thanks Sud,


            w.r.t the Quick Fix enhancements - we didn't find enough time to fix these and have considered to address them in the next version of ColdFusion Builder.

            w.r.t the Search feature - the search dialog box behaves in a similar way as the eclipse search dialog box i.e. on pressing the shortcut key CTRL + F the 'ColdFusion search' dialog is shown. The focus is on the 'Find' text box when the search dialog is invoked. If the user has selected any text, then the 'Find' text box would contain the selected text. It behaves very much similar to the eclipse search feature. In addition to this we have added features such as the search in various scopes (including search over RDS and FTP), tag search etc,. We thought that keeping it all in the same dialog box would help users in identifying the various search features.


            w.r.t Start page - I have shared your concern with others in the team and we will update the start page soon.





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              SudCF Level 1

              Ok, so the Quick Fix enhancements would be considered for Builder 3. I'm ok with this, feature looks great and I'm using it whenever I find a scope for using it.


              On search, what you are saying looks right to me as of now since I've not got used to the feature completely. Initially I didn't like the interface at all, but your explanation of it being similar to eclipse search in behavior convinces me to get accustomed to it.


              I'm very much keen on trying out new extensions. I see Apptacular which is good but something that is built with the new extension features would be awesome. The start page should play the role of letting users know of the extensions and updates, I think it is very important, don't miss this out.


              Recently a security update was released, you could have pushed the news on to the start page.


              Sagar, I know that your session was not recorded at SOTR. Can you post your slides some where so that I can refer to it whenever I wish to?

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                Sagar H Ganatra Level 1



                I had presented ColdFusion Builder 2 at Chennai CFUG, here is the recording of the online meetup: http://adobechats.adobe.acrobat.com/p69032977/