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    background 3d

    Enfade Level 1

      I am making a portfolio site and I have created a background in 3d which rotates slowly. Now i got this in director but I cant seem to make a website on top of it. Everything i try to place on top of the shockwave movie won't show. I also don't know if this is the best way to go but the general idea is to have a non interactive animated background which is build out of 3d models and have a normal website on top of it. Ideally would be this background in flash but i dont think that is possible.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated and if you need more information ask away. ^_^

      Thanks in advance
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          duckets Level 1

          I don't think it's possible to have html elements in a page appearing over a shockwave movie.

          - Ben
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            I´m not sure that´s what you mean, but you *can* place elements such as images and text on top of a 3d member, inside Director.

            To do so, just select your 3d sprite, go to the Property Inspector, select the "3D Model" tab and uncheck DTS. New sprites placed on top of your 3d model should now appear normally.

            Please note that this could make the 3d animation slower - but for a background 3d, I don´t thing this should be a problem.

            I hope it helps!
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              duckets Level 1
              I got the impression that the original poster wanted to create a standard HTML website which used a shockwave movie displaying a 3d castmember as the background image for the page. This isn't going to work.

              Foq is right that you can get sprites to display over 3d, but they would be very impractical for building any kind of 'website', because it would mean the entire site would need to be built inside director!

              - Ben

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                Enfade Level 1
                That was exactly what i meant and this indeed allowed me to put sprites on top of the 3d movie. Thanks for the help you 2.