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    After Effects CS5 failure to start

    Dizomania Level 1



      I recently had to make use of System Restore in order to fix some issues my PC had. I went back 4 days.

      After doing that, I was unable to run After Effects CS5. It simply freez at ''Initializing MediaCore''.


      I've searched with Google for a soloution, found some, tried them, but they all failed.

      I tried to add those 4 programs to my Firewall, but was unable to find ''dynamiclinkmanager.exe'' and ''PProHeadless.exe''.


      Any other suggestions? As far as I know, I haven't installed any codecs, I got a few Plug-ins, and thats all. I tried to remove the Plug-ins from the After Effects folder, which didn't work either. I also tried installing an older version of QuickTime, which didn't work.


      I'm running Windows 7 64-Bit.




      Edit: Can be closed.. I resolved it by reinstalling the program.