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    PC and MAC cross platform

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      I bought the creative suite for my student daughter CS4, approx £500 student version -  ( no wonder parents of students are skint) she only needed photoshop and illustrator, but the cost of those two programmes seperately was more than the entire suite.


      She wanted to upgrade just photoshop and illustrator, to CS5  but apparently you cant do that, you have to upgrade the whole suite .. for another handsome price. ( adobe didnt bother explaining that issue during the purchase)


      She had CS4 on her desktop PC and on her laptop. The PC laptop broke, and being a student studying art, she decided to purchase a MACbook. ( without my knowledge, but i can understand her reasons)

      Mum the software wont work on my MAC!


      Now we're faced with the whole, PC  - MAC cross platform issue.

      She can upgrade to  CS5 and change the license  to MAC but then she cant use it on her PC.


      After reading there's been yet another release, now CS 5.5 , i've just gotten tired of Adobe, it's costs and the total crap way it deals with its customers, the lack of flexibility, the prices which really are crippling if its just something you dabble with occasionally, so  she's going to use gimp.

      Why cant Adobe make  cross platform software, even Corel offers that.


      I can see why people end up pirating adobe software, it seems more of an easier option than pulling your hair out because you cant just upgrade PS and Illustrator, but  instead have to upgade a whole suite of things you never wanted nor will ever need .


      But the biggest nightmare is that you cant share the software license between a mac and a PC .

      If this is incorrect, i do wish someone would tell me, i've tried adobe support and I was told that i could upgrade to CS5 and change the platform to MAC. again for a rather large amount.

      This was  After i asked the question "can i share the software on both PC and MAC?".  

      CS4 was fine , she didnt want CS5 , or CS 5.5 ........ all she wanted was to be able to ocasionally use the two sofware programs that cost £500 on both of her computers, one a mac one a pc.

      her course tutors expect her to have PS .. ( most kids do but they all seem to have pirated theirs)

      We went down the honest respectable route and bought the software thinking it would last her the 3 years at university ........ oh jeez.

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          Sorry to hear of the difficulties you and your daughter have had.  Definitely you're taking the safer road to purchase your software, as many illegal downloads are laced with viruses and can do a lot of harm.


          As for the policy about crossgrades, it does generate some discussion.  But there still is a (little-known) way to buy Adobe CS5 multi-platform to install on both Windows and Mac OS, although it would require a further upgrade for you now.


          Hope this helps and good luck to your daughter in her studies.