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    move from marvell to intel matrix


      hi everyone;

      first sorry about my english....


      i'm using premiere cs5.03


      mobo:  P6X58D-E

      cpu: i7 950

      12 gb G.skill  1333    

      GEFORCE 470 GTX


      O.S DRIVE  : SSD G.SKIL 60 GB

      1TBX2 RAID 0 ON MARVELL YOUKON - WD CAVIER BLACK ,using for preview,paging file,capture....


      some one tald me in this fourm that if i will change the raid control from marvell to intel it will be more faster.


      i already back up my marvell drives and

      my question is if i have to install again windows 7 

      or just connect the drives to the intel controler and change the option in the bios.