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    How to merge AVCHD (segmented files) in PP CS5.0.3 before editing ?


      My system specs include a quad AMD-3GHz processing PC, with 8G RAM, and Mercury Engine.


      When performing long form 1920 x 1080i acquisition of an hour or more of content, continuously, my Sony HDR-SR-12 camcorder automatically limits file sizes to 2-GB segments on its hard drive. When these files are copied and pasted into Premiere and applied to the timeline, the segments are not manually repairable to eliminate the missing audio and video content that occurs between these segments.  We seem to need to rely on a merging program or function to do this for us, and I wonder if this process resides somewhere within PP CS5?


      Before my latest Premiere Pro CS5 update to vs. 5.0.3, I relied on a small free program called, MTSMerger.exe.,  which very nicely merged these segmented files into one contiguous file, and thereby eliminating completely any missing information;  but the latest update will not allow that.  Now, when the merged file is imported, PP CS5 locks up and the typical ctl-alt-del Task Manager is necsssary to facilitate an escape. 


      Can this process actually be accomplished within Adobe, or what other process is best to use ?