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    Need Help Converting An Image Format Into Shapes...


      So Ive been working with Flash Pro CS5 and it seems I cant get the converting right with image formats

      into shape symbols. A couple days ago I did convert it correctly but now I cant remember how exactly

      I did it lol.


      What Im trying to do is convert an image into a shape symbol then into a .gls format. When I import

      the working shape symbol in my SoThink Flash it would show up in the scene but now I cant recreate

      a working one as it would show up as a blank image.


      Ive watched and read through some tutorials but Im confused on which order I should do the steps into

      converting an image into a symbol.


      Id appreciate the help if possible, thank you..


      Btw.. if theres an easier way to convert an image into a .gls format I like to hear it as well