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    How do I play my completed 3D movies created with CS5.5 and Cineform  Neo3D?

    Dennis-L Level 1

      I know how to display a video being edited with CS/Neo3D but how do I play it after the completed movie is rendered in its final form.


      I have not been able to verify that I can use Quicktime 7 and the FBX QuickTime Viewer Plug-in from Autodesk?   I think you could output to a 3D TV connecting it to the Mac graphics card DVI output (with a HDMI 1.3 converter) using the 2nd Display option of Quicktime.  Will this accept a full 1920x1080 to each eye and include audio?  Can I put the 3D movie on a DVD to play directly on a 3D TV?  Thanks.