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    Digital flip magazine w/ Indesign 5.5 - .swf size too large


      Is the only option to create an online digital flip book/magazine is to export to a single .swf file?  Can it create a digital book where the .swf files reads or pulls off the pages from seperate files such that the first page loads right away vs waiting for the entire magazine to load? If so, where can I get instructions for this?




        Currently we are producing a digital edition online flip book from a print publication.  We are using InDesign 5.5 to create flip book and uploading the SWF file using .ftp for online viewing.


      Problem:  The way we are making a digital magazine is by a single .swf file created by InDesgin 5.5.  The file is too large for fast download online even after compression.  The SWF file gets larger the more pages we ad.


      www.pacificluxuryliving.com/online/6-3/Issue6.3DigitalEdition-compressed-07.4MB.swf  (File size is 7.4MB compressed – 39 seconds to load)


      Why compression is not an option:.  Even after maximum compression (1.5MB – 9 seconds to load) for fast download, quality gives out and is not acceptable.  (We used in additional optimization software - http://www.compress-swf.com/)




      Other services that offer digital flip books will create a much smaller SWF file and load pages stored in separate files, therefore appears to load faster.  

      Example of using subscription service: 

      http://pacificluxuryliving.com/online/Issue_4.2/uniflip.swf  (4  seconds to load)


      What are my options to create a digital flip using Adobe InDesign 5.5?  Is a .swf file containing all the data the only way Adobe InDesign can produce a flip book or is there a way to create similar to the other services?