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    Accessing .flv without cross domain access?

    mastermachines Level 1

      Hello, I am making a game that uses the soundmixer.computeSpecrum method.  I am trying to use it inconjunction with youtube videos, but unfortunatly there is a bug with flash that prevent computeSpectrum from working with youtube videos.  So I thought of a workaround by being able to access the direct .flv link of the youtube video using php, but unfortuantly I can't access it in flash because of flash and youtube's cross domain policies. 


      So I am wondering, is there any way for me to be able to access the flv using an external server or something, but without having to actually download the .flv to the server, as that would take up too much bandwidth.

      Also, if you know of a different way to analyze the audio of a youtube video that is playing, that would also be helpful.