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    Creating video transitions on completion


      Hi there


      I'm creating an Interactive DVD with many speakers and videos. Each presentation is up to an hour long and has been cut up into it's chapters. I'm using a combo box to select the chapters by creating an action sequence, and on select changing the source of the video. I need the the first video to begin autoplaying and jump to the next video upon completion and if a different chapter is selected, the next video to play after that one's completion. I have tried many different ways but can't find a way to do this. I have tried settin a delay with a new source but to no luck.


      I have only recently started using Flash Catalyst and have no experience with Flash Builder (if it is an option)


      Creating a different state for each video isn't an option either since there are 27 speakers with about 60 chapters each.


      Any help/advice/link to tutorials is greatly appreciated.

      Kind regards,