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    Creating video transitions on completion

    Jucanationza Level 1

      Hi there


      I'm creating an Interactive DVD with many speakers and videos. Each presentation is up to an hour long and has been cut up into it's chapters. I'm using a combo box to select the chapters by creating an action sequence, and on select changing the source of the video. I need the the first video to begin autoplaying and jump to the next video upon completion and if a different chapter is selected, the next video to play after that one's completion. I have tried many different ways but can't find a way to do this. I have tried settin a delay with a new source but to no luck.


      I have only recently started using Flash Catalyst and have no experience with Flash Builder (if it is an option)


      Creating a different state for each video isn't an option either since there are 27 speakers with about 60 chapters each.


      Any help/advice/link to tutorials is greatly appreciated.

      Kind regards,