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    Probleme with my popupmanager object

    Anthony Aymé Level 1



      I have a problem and don't find how to fix it...


      I embed in my parent app a mxml component thanks to PopUpManager.createPopup() function


      When i try to change the x and y coordinates, don't know why it doesn't change ...


      I've seen on some forums that the callLater function let us do this but it doesn't change anything


      I put my code for let see u, if someone have a issue for me, it'll be very fine !!


      // My embed popup


      public var ezforms_ecran_text:ezforms_ecran_creation_text;

      protected function ezforms_selection_ecran_courant(event:ListEvent):void


      if(composants.selectedItem.@link == 'ezform_ecran_creation_text')


      ezforms_ecran_text = new ezforms_ecran_creation_text();

      PopUpManager.createPopUp(ez_canvas, ezforms_ecran_creation_text, false);




      public function deplacement():void


      Alert.show("move from here");

      ezforms_ecran_text.x += 100;



      Best regards,