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    Using ADE bookmarks????


      Dear Mr. Lester,

      PLEASE HELP: Last week I downloaded the ADE software; I purchased my first ADE compatible digital book. I read about 100 pages and made extensive bookmarks. This morning I re-opened the book and the bookmarks did not appear. I tested the program by making a new bookmark, closing the program, and re-opening it. This time, the new bookmark did appear. I've gone to my Annotations file. I can see the file for the bookmarks I made last week. I can also see the file for the new bookmark. I re-named the old file with a name that makes it more recent than the new file. This time when I re-opened the book, no bookmarks opened. Not the original bookmark file, nor the test file that I made this morning. How on earth do I get the program to open the annotations file that I made when I started reading the book? I've also tried just opening the annoations file directly but my computer doesn't recognize the .annot file type and couldn't work out what to do on the basis of a web search. PLEASE HELP. This program will be of no use to me whatsoever if I cannot make the bookmark function work. Thank you.

      Yours sincerely,

      Danielle Allen

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          TongsanA2 Level 1

          I need help on this too!

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            I'm having the same problem.  Thank you to anyone who can help!

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              hollyhopeaz Level 1

              OK, I think I have an answer - no telling what part of my solution worked, so here's what I think.


              Don't open your document, or close it.  Find your filename.annot file.  If you have several, they will be filename_1.annot, filename_2.annot. etc.   If they are 1 KB in size, I thihnk they are probably empty. I deleted all the empty ones that were more recent than my 36 KB one.  Don't know if that was necessary.  Then I right-clicked the one I wanted (the 36 KB one)  and used "Open with..." to open it with ADE.  It opened my annotations (thank God!) and the document also.


              Please post whether this works for you.

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                hollyhopeaz Level 1

                This method continues to work for me. (I didn't note before, but when you open the documents, you won't see the bookmarks until you click on the bookmark icon.)


                I added more bookmarks to my original set and closed the document. To my surprise, it made the updates to the filename_1.annot folder.  Since it appears that that filename is stable, I made a shortcut to it and put it in the same folder as my original document.  I used the shortcut to open the file and (1) it automatically opened using ADE, and (2) both sets of bookmarks were integrated.


                Don't know about you, but I'm celebrating.