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    Please help

      Hi there.
      I want to develop a product catalog with flash. I have over 200 products. This is going to be a stand alone app that is distributed on cd.
      I am using an xml database with links to images.
      How should i proceed?
      Should I preload all the images?
      And what should i use to display them>?
      I use a loader component now but that flickers every time I skip to the next product because the images are resized.
      Please help.
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          DazFaz Level 1
          mmmm, good question. Preloading images can work but it all depends on the scarifice you want to make.

          Meaning, do you want to have the user wait a second or two for your app to find the image on the CD or do you want that instant appearence of images when an action is performed.

          The problem I can see is that what ever you do there is going to be a slight delay which ever avenue you choose. If you preload the images then the flash engine will still have to look for and react upon any actions done. Also the system that is running the CD will have to stall the app to a point as to transfere all images to the users temp area for the flash app to call upon.

          This one is a fine line really. Personally I would create a preloader that triggers when an action is perfomed while images are being loaded.
          What ever way you look at this, CPU time is going to be spent at the beginning, middle or end loading images.

          The preloader component, did you create it your self or is it a "drag and drop" solution.

          "And what should i use to display them"
          Have you not created a user GUI for the CD and delivery of your images?