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    optimize system for premiere cs5 - Partitions,ram,pagefile


      thank you for your tips
      sory for my bad english, i'm sarah from israel

      After years of waiting and waiting for.... my dad bought me a serious editing system..
      I would be grateful if you give me your opinion and some tips to optimize performance

      here my pc

      1. ASUS P6X58D-E

      2. Intel Hex Core i7 960

      3. CORSAIR XMS3 12GB

      4. VelociRaptor WD6000HLHX 600GB - 10,000 RPM = sata3

      5. Western Digital 7200 2tb = sata2

      6. Antec Nine Hundred Two Black ATX Case

      7. CORSAIR CMPSU-850TX 850W

      8. Quadro 4000

      9. dvd X22

      What have I done for now?

      * install win7 ultimate 64bit & drivers & nod32 & office & master collection cs5 & plugins
      * windows advansed setup - Optimize for Performance
      * disable some unnessery windows servises (intdex,firewall ect....)
      * disable hibernate
      * i partition my disk like this

      - disk 1 raptor 640gb 1000rpm sata3
      part1 = 160 gb = windows + programs + pagefile
      part2 = 480 gb = I dont know for what

      - disk 2 stantasd wd 2tb 7200rpm sata2
      part1 = 2tb = for capture files

      I believe you recommend a different partitioning,  ()
      how exactly would you propose I do?

      Is it recommended to allocate a partition for each of these actions? (Video preview, audio preview, video export, project sourece files)?? (if yes , What is the recommended partiting for my computer? how to set this for always? , not every project i open again... )


      * note that i has 12gb of ram... maby i need disabled the pagefile? maby i need enable pagefile for all my partitions exept c (win7)??
      * note that my 2tb disk slower than the raptor, so pagefile will be slowly on it ?
      * how math ram i should give to adobe apps? 70%?

      thanks for your help
      Await your reply