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    Label is not getting displayed on custom component when I am passing it through actionScript

    Kumar Pratik Level 1

      Hi All,


      I have created a custom component which extends Panel. I have added a LinkButton on title bar on this component. I am passing the label of linkbutton through a property called label1.

      Now in my main mxml i am calling this component like this:

      <comp:MyPanel label1="Click Me"/>


      This works perfectly fine and i am able to see the child with lable.

      But when I use any of the following 2 ways Label is not displaying on the child. Child is appearing on the titlebar but without any label:

      1. [Bindable]




      myLabb = "test";



      <comp:MyPanel label1="{myLab}"/>

      2. <comp:MyPanel id=mypan />






      Please help me!!!!