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    php arrays (match pair)

    osgood_ Level 8

      Is it possible to match php 'arrays'?


      $animal = array("rabbit", "dog", "bird", "fox");


      $home = array("hutch", "kennel", "nest", "den");


      I need to match the pairs above i.e., rabbit-hutch, dog-kennel etc


      I get the values from a form see below (but that's where I get lost ??????).


      I need the bit which basically says if the 'animal' answer provided by the end user is equal to $animal [0,1,2,3] and the 'home' answer is equal to $home[0,1,2,3]  they get the message 'Correct Answer' if the pair is a match?



      if (trim($_POST['animal']) == ?????? && trim($_POST['home]) == ??????)
      echo "Correct Answer";
      else {

      echo "Wrong answer";