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    Vincent-ZHANG Level 1

      Hi, recently I got a request from my clients that they want to do something like an interactive digital directory in the lobby of buildings.


      And I wanna use Flex+AIR to build the application which will run on the embedded pc of the touch-enabled display.However, the question comes: has AIR been proven to be robust enought to handle 24x7 application?


      I test my demo on Win7, seems that it crashs much too frequently. I don't know it is due to my win7 or my AIR application~~just have no idea

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          Moved this post to multiscreen development for a wider audience.  AIR based apps should be capable of running 24/7 and I know that kiosk implementations are done regularly.  If you do encounter issues (I'm especially curious about the crash referenced) please create a new bug report at bugbase.adobe.com and include sample code so we can reproduce the problem internally.