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    Adobe Reader Version 8.2.6 printing issues


      print screen.JPG

      First a quick overview of our setup:

      Workstation are Windows xp pro

      We use a central Printer/copier with multiple paper trays with multiple paper sizes loaded

      The default on the printer is set to 8.5x11, monochrome, portrait.


      (note: Ignore page size beign displayed in the preview area as this is not the page size in question)

      When I select print on my PDF I get a print screen with several options (see above)

      The 2 sections in question are the Page handling area and the Preview Composite are, as the issue I am having is when I have a PDF that needs to be printed on a large page (say 11x18 or some other large area

      When I select Auto Rotate and center option as well as Choose paper source by PDF page size the default printer options appear to take over instead of the settings set by the print screen within Adobe.  The preview composite area shows its going to print one way...but when it actually prints it comes out totally different.   If I go into my printer settings (via the properties tab above) and change the settings to print according to the way I want it prints fine....untill the next PDF I open, then everything defaults back and the pdf does not print right.


      SO to recap:  The print settings I set within Adobe do not appear to do anything as the default printer settings of the printer appear to be doing what they want instead of what the software is telling it to do.


      ANy ideas?