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    long-time customer can't install Photoshop 4


      About a month ago I was cleaning old programs off the hard drive when I inadvertently uninstalled Photoshop 4 and all its files. I'm a longtime user of Adobe products so whenever I reinstall the Creatives Suite I have to start with Photoshop 4. All subsequent programs are upgrades. I wish Adobe would remedy this huge inconvenience but that's another subject. My problem is when I uninstalled Photoshop 4, I said 'yes' to removing some associated files that apparently were being shared. As a result, my Acrobat Professional stopped working and that is causing MAJOR problems since much of my billable work is delivered in PDF.


      Today I just uninstalled the ENTIRE Creative Suite 2, hoping I could start afresh. Unfortunately, I was still unable to install Photoshop 4. Now I'm REALLY SCREWED because without Photoshop 4, I can't install the rest of the Suite. Next step is a clean install or C drive restore, both of which I dread.


      I tried running the Adobe Support Adviser to analyze the install log. It reported that it found no problems. I'm not skilled enough to tamper blindly with the Windows registry, where the problem lies.  Another problem I noticed is that Photoshop 5 is not showing up in the installed programs list, so that's amiss too.


      Somebody please help, as Adobe Support refuses to support software this old. That grieves me tremendously but that too is another issue.


      I realize I should upgrade my products to the latest version, and then I'd get better support, but due to my particular circumstances, I find myself in absolutely horrible economic circumstances at the moment and can't afford an upgrade.


      Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!