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    no trace statements after FB 4.5.1 update?


      I have no trace output when I Debug an AIR desktop application. Was working in FB 4.5, prior to FB 4.5.1 update


      1. I updated to FB 4.5.1 (when prompted by adobe updater)
      2. I made a copy of 4.5.1 sdk, and overlay the AIR 2.7 SDK on the copy
      3. I launched FB 4.5.1, exported projects, made a new workspace, imported and cleaned projects
      4. I registered the 4.5.1 + AIR2.7 SDK as Flex Compiler and set it to be used for this project (AIR Desktop project)
      5. Now, any attempt to Debug the AIR app "fails silently" as far as debugging goes
      6. The AIR app window launches, and the Console shows the [SWF] and [Unload SWF] (on exit) -- but no trace statements are being output


      What happened to my trace output / how do I restore proper functionality for debugging?


      Everything appears functional -- just no traces..