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    [CS5][JS] Bookmark name problem (Bug?)




      Can anyone please help me?


      I'm trying to create a bookmark from a text selection. When running the script from indesign, in 80% of the tests, the name will not change to the selected text. In 20% of the cases it does change the name. I can't find any reason why. There is no pattern. No error occurs when running the script. When encapsulation the script in a try/catch, no exception is thrown.


      When running the script from extendscript toolkit it ALWAYS works. It's driving me nuts.


      The code:



                                      var myText = app.selection[0].contents;


                                      var myDoc = app.activeDocument;

                                      var currPage = app.selection[0].parentTextFrames[0].parentPage;


                                      var curBookmark = myDoc.bookmarks.add(currPage);

                                      curBookmark.label = myText;

                                      curBookmark.name = myText;



      Any help would be great.