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    How to remove opened popup using cairngorm

    Sonunew2flex Level 1

      Hello friends,


      I am having problem with removing my title window. i am new to cairngorm (MVC).


      Here is my case



      1.First i am loading my main application

      2.in creation complete i am opening a popup title window.(this my login window)

      3. In my login window i am dispatching a event and a related command is handling the event using controller

      4.In my command class execute method i am checking authentication which is true, it will alert me "success"

      5.After this i want to remove my title window and want to show my main application how can i do this.


      without caringorm i was removing in result handler (using popupmanger,removepop(this));


      Let me know how to do and any good links for cairngorm.