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    problems trying to get heights and widths out of linechart area




      This is my first post on the forum so please excuse me if the post is hard to understand or just doesn't make sense.


      I have a flex 4 line graph with a border container overlay. im trying to overlay the border container to the charts area where the series line sit. the reason for this is i want to add dynamic boxes of data in different colours inside this container.


      i can find the charts height and width tags but this takes into account the height and widths of my axis aswell. now if i could get the left axis width or bottom axis height that would be fine as i can mathmatically work it out! ive used the mouseover and mousemove function to track x and y cordinates and it does show them relative to another object. so there must be a way to drill into it!


      any advice or pointers would be great as i think ive worn out my google searches for today. ive added a picture to try and make it clear what i need. please note the coloured boxes displayed are what i need but have added their heights and widths manually.example.jpg



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          na21han Level 1

          ok after some research it seems i can find the dimensions i need using "gutters". only problem i see now is that the intervals on x axis are set to incriment by 2 but the actual widths are not identical on each. ive tested this with x coordinates which shows every other point to change width by 1 pixel (29,30,29,30,29.....etc) this is a nightmare as i was hoping these would be identical so i could work out my container sizes so they line up.


          is there anyway to set the widths of the x axis points? or does anyone have another idea of a way i can tackle this.