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    Fix m2t compatibility without re-rendering?


      I rendered an H.264 Blu-Ray file from premiere. I chose to multiplex with TS so that I had a single file (easier to work with). Now Encore wants to transcode the file XC


      So, is there any way for me to split that m2t file back into the elementary streams so that I don't need to wait for encore to transcode or for Premiere to re-export? (both of which would take several hours)

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When exporting to m2t you get 3 files, you only import the m2t file into Encore.

          Dont know why Encore want to re-encode.

          Export without multiplexer on, so that you end up with a m4v

          file and an ac3 file. Much easier for Encore to handle and no re-encoding.

          I am not sure but Mpeg Streamclip video converter might be able to split the file, but exporting again seem to me a better option.