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    Licences compilation options




      For continuous integration purposes, I have been putting together a CruiseControl/Selenium-Server/FlexMonkium automated test environment.


      I have been abble to go through a lot of steps, but I am facing a difficult one right now : Since FlexMonkium uses Automation Libraries, which are provided by Adobe, users must register their FlashBuilder version in order to use the automation libs at full capacity ("Trial version" automation being restricted to 30 automated actions).


      I am unable to specify my flash builder version to automation .


      It seems that this problem was resolved when FlexBuilder 3 was up and running , a few solutions were resumed in the following links :


      http://blogs.adobe.com/vikaschandran/2010/07/28/compiling-flex-builder-3-license-into-flex -application/



      Saddly, i am now unable to make automation work properly . I have been trying a few things :


      First was adding theses lines to the flex-config.xml. I am using flex SDK 4.5, and the company i am working for owns premium licence for FlashBuilder 4 and premium upgrade for FlashBuilder 4.5. Given the verbose compiling options i am ambble to certify that this flex-config file is the one used to compile the application.




      Note: I have be trying to compile it with each serial number individually as wel as both together, none of it worked.


      I have also been triying to add option to the tested project build.xml (Testing project beeing a java Jar containing Selenium/Flex Monkium commands).



         <target name="build">
              <java jar="${mxmlc.jar}" fork="true" failonerror="true">
                  <jvmarg value="-Xms256m"/>
                  <jvmarg value="-Xmx256m"/>
                  <arg value="-compiler.source-path=${project.src}" />
                  <arg value="+flexlib=${flex.home}/frameworks" />
                      <arg value="-compiler.library-path+=${project.home}libs/Mate_08_9.swc" />
                     <arg value="-compiler.library-path+=${project.home}libs/automation_monkey4.x.swc" />
                     <arg value="-compiler.library-path+=${project.home}libs/automation_agent.swc" />
                     <arg value="-compiler.library-path+=${project.home}libs/automation.swc" />
                     <arg value="-compiler.library-path+=${project.home}libs/automation_dmv.swc" />
                     <arg value="-include-libraries=${project.home}/libs/automation_agent.swc" />
                     <arg value="-include-libraries=${project.home}/libs/automation.swc" />
                     <arg value="-include-libraries=${project.home}/libs/automation_dmv.swc" />
                     <arg value="-include-libraries=${project.home}/libs/automation_monkey4.x.swc" />
                     <arg value="-license=flashbuilder4.5,XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" />
                     <arg value="-license=flashbuilder4,XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" />               
                     <arg value="-debug=true" />     
                     <arg value="-verbose-stacktraces=true" />     
                     <arg value="-warnings=true" />     
                  <arg value="-file-specs=${project.src}/xxxxx.mxml" />
                  <arg value="-locale=en_US" />  
                  <arg value="-services=${project.src}/services-config.xml" />
                  <arg value="-compiler.strict=true" />
                  <!--<arg value="-warnings=false" />-->
                  <arg value="-output=${build.out}/xxxxx.swf" />
                  <!--<arg value="-debug=false" />-->


      I am afraid to be out of ideas, after searching the web for more answers. Maybe a silly mistake from myself ? Does any Adobe Proffesionnal has any league on how to correct this problem ?


      Please come back to me if so. Thanks for reading. Also if you have any questions, appart from this issue, i have been abble to provide a fully fuctionnal cruise control/ant/selenium/flekmonkium/selenium-logging environnment, so if you need any help (not that i am feeling anybetter than any of you guys, but i saw a lot of questions about the topic on the web) get back to me as well.