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    Frustrated beyond belief!


      Betwen can't find the Digital Editions folder and Error 2038, it is amazing that libraries around the country are signing up to use this... I cannot tell you the ENDLESS HOURS I have spent trying to get this to work with my Nook.


      And while some posting have been somewhat helpful, I still can only get a minut portion of what I have tried to check out.

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          Many thousands of people have not had the same problems you've had, so think

          of this as an adventure, not a series of frustrations.  I'm betting what

          you'll find is that it's not lousy software, but a series of technical

          issues.  For example, the error documentation is not up to snuff, so us

          laymen can figure out what to do because they don't tell us what's REALLY

          happened.  Also, the Digital Editions folder is ALWAYS installed either on

          the C: drive (Windows PC) or where you told ADE to put it when you installed

          the software.  If you can't find it, the installation is corrupt - and that

          usually happens when the user (us) hasn't followed the steps for registering

          and installing the software correctly - or that other software, such as your

          firewall, your browser or your anti-virus software has caused a problem

          (which you won't see directly!).  Then, there's the other end: libraries

          that change their software without notice, which can foul up anything you've

          done before - and you'll never know it until something doesn't work the same

          as it did before.


          Trust me - in the 35+ years I've spent in IT technology, all of these things

          can and do happen.


          The endless hours you mention speak to your determination to do this.  If

          you're THAT frustrated (as am I with certain things), you could try other

          elibrary management software (such as Overdrive), but you'll still encounter

          technology and the human interface that's less than perfect.


          BTW: I learned recently that the 'Error 2038' can occur when you try to make

          copies or download the same ebook more than once.  That's the kind of

          technological issue that a programmer could tell you directly, instead of

          picking an error code.  And ADE could put out a comprehensive error code

          dictionary too!


          If you've had specific issues, maybe I can help resolve them - and maybe

          not.  But if you're willing to try, post a response with some specifics and

          I'll give it a shot.


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            I have been having a similar problem.  I have a MAC & I set up my library books to download to Adobe Editions & then I would move the book over to the Nook without a problem.  My problems started when my husband purchased a Sony ereader & loaded his software.  I removed all applications & again downloaded Adobe Digital Editions.  When I attempt to download the library book it appears in Adobe ready to read the book so I can read it on the computer.  However, when I click the library view to see all the books there so that I can drag it to my Nook, nothing appears.  What is going on??????

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              My guess is that the SONY software has influenced the paths for the

              libraries.  SONY wants to establish a 'proprietary' relationship with its

              ereaders, so you use the SONY store for all of your ebooks, and when you

              install their software, the ereader is 'bound' to the SONY site.  I happen

              to have a pair of SONY ereaders, along with a pair of Literati.  I didn't

              use the SONY software, because ADE can interface with them directly.