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    The MessagePerformanceUtils:totalTime issue in Flex 4 (rpc.swc) using LCDS 3.1 running under JDK1.6


      We are facing an issue while using LCDS 3.1 running under JDK1.6 in Sun Solaris v5.10 OS & Adobe Flex 4.

      Scenario :-


      As part of our Flex-based client-server application (with Java backend) we have a performance report generation module. Following flex framework class is used to calculate the performance of various layer of a typical server-based request-response cycle.




      ; (available in rpc.swc library file)

      (for example : server time, cairngorm time, UI screen rendering time, UI event generation time etc).




      The totalTime was working properly before upgrading the rpc.swc to Flex 4 ; However it broke after migrating to Flex SDK 4; The totalTime is now coming as negative junk value.

      As we understand that the above Flex framework class method works in conjunction with LCDS running at server side on JDK.


      We suspect that the new rpc.swc taken from Flex SDK 4 is causing the issue !


      System information :

      Web Server : Weblogic 11G


      Operating System : Sun Solaris v5.10 OS running on Sparc hardware.

      Flex : Adobe Flex sdk 4.0

      Flash player : Adobe Flash Player 10

      Browser : Internet Explorer 8


      LCDS : 3.1

      JDK : JDK 1.6.0_14





      Has anyone faced similar problem before ? Any help or direction would be highly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance,



      mx.messaging.messages.MessagePerformanceUtils :totalTime