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    New workstation transfer

    roaming video

      I just got a new workstation with Windows 7 where I will install CS 5.5.

      My old workstation was with Vista 64 and CS4.

      I have a project in progress, entirely on an external raid.


      I'm hoping that once I install CS 5.5 on the new machine it will read the project on the external drive.

      I'm trying to figure out ahead of time what could go wrong.

      Any suggestions on what I should plan for?


      My project is already saved on another external drive.

      Are there any files from the boot drive that also need to be saved?



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          Stanley Arthur Level 3

          I have learned the hard way to never upgrade in the middle of a project. But since you asked, do not attempt to open your CS4 project in CS5.5. Instead, go to File > Import, then navigate to your project folder. Double-click on the project boot icon. This will import the entire CS4 project into the new CS5.5 project, creating a folder for it in the CS5.5 Project window. Twirl that folder down and double-click on a sequence. If it opens in the sequence window, all your clips are there, and everything is where it's supposed to be, you'll be one lucky dude. Good luck.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I agree with Stan, and would add, when you set things up, if possible, set up your RAID box with the same drive letter.


            If not, then be prepared to locate the Assets, when you get "Where is file ____?" If you cannot set the same drive letter, then PrPro will help you, in that when you locate the first Asset in a particular folder, it will then search that folder for all Assets in that Project. If you are like me, and have different types of Assets in their respective sub-folders, say Still Images, Video, Audio, SFX, etc., then you will need to do that for each folder.


            Good luck, and should you be asked to Convert, make sure to NOT overwrite the existing Project. Matter of fact, I'd make a Copy of that first, just in case something goes haywire.


            Good luck,



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              roaming video Level 1

              Thanks to both of you!

              I do agree that it's not a good idea.

              But it's a project that I'm going to be on for a few months and if the difference in speed between CS4 and CS5.5 is as advertised (with the Nvidia Quadro FX card), it's worth trying.

              I did check in this forum about ten days ago and got a comforting answer from Todd Kopriva regarding projects going from CS4 to CS 5.5:


              But I do know that theory and practice don't always go together.  That's why I'm asking for any advice ahead of going through with it.


              What worries me even more is the change from Vista 64 to Windows 7.  I already had a bad experience going from XP to Vista.

              This isn't my choice.  My previous workstation (that had a Vista OS) gave me some serious problems while still under extended warranty.

              It was replaced, but the replacement has Windows 7.

              The pain I anticipate is with Windows security that doesn't want to recognize files "coming from another computer".

              Hard to believe that as an admin there is no way to override that. I've done a bunch of searches on the topic and no one seems to have found a way around it.


              I'll post again when I'm through with the process to let you know how it went.


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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                I cannot promise that you will have zero issues, but most folk around here love Win7, and very, very few have pined for a return to Vista. From my reading of issues, it seems that the majority are regarding the increased security measures in Win7, and when those are addressed and adjusted, all is good. I will not say that Win7 is "bullet-proof," but it does get a lot of glowing reviews from PrPro users.


                Good luck,



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                  roaming video Level 1

                  I'm back to breathing.

                  I installed CS5.5 only and the project loaded well.  It made automatically a different version of the project, so the original is still there (and I also have it saved on a separate drive).  Everything went much smoother than I expected.

                  A few glitches, such as some placeholder graphics that have different fonts and are not centered. But that will be corrected easily.

                  The only problem I have now is that AJA (my capture card) doesn't have the drivers for 5.5 ready yet.  So my original settings aren't available.  And I can't capture new material.

                  That's not a minor problem, so I hope they get them out soon.


                  Thanks for the help.