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    E-commerce with Flash Catalyst


      I think of it as my current life goal to create a flash-based website with E-commerce.

      I've got a client right now whose site I am building in Dw, and I may use ZenCart or Godaddy's Quick Shopping Cart for the E-commerce.


      Super boring.


      Most of the projects I get at work are simple static webpages for small business clients in the area.  I get a kick out of those because they can get a bit interesting, but I get tired of them.  Sometimes I get put on a job that requires dynamic thinking and E-commerce.


      What captured my attention about this client is that they want to include a flash application where customers can create their own designs and submit/pay for them.  Im working on it in Flash Pro and plan to embed it in the Dreamweaver-made website.


      In my own time I've been designing the same website in Photoshop in order to import it to Flash Catalyst.  The interactivity and states are all there, ready to go, and I intend to embed the flash game in this site too.   my clients would die if I could pull off the E-commerce functionality that they require...   but now I ask you, the denizens of Flash Catalyst forum-


      Can it be done?  Is this normal?  Point me in the direction of some tutorials or advice.



      Jay at TheGraphicsLab

      Ventura, CA