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    Mystery, and how do I solve the basic problem?


      Both Jonathan, my computer person, and I are mystified, and I wonder if some kindly soul can explain what is going on. I own two computers–Ultra–that are petty much identical, one in my city place, and one in my country place, where I am now. Both have 700 gig hard drives and 4 gigs of ram. The operating system on them is Win 7 Professional. The full Creative Suite 5.5 is on the hard drive in the city; a partial of the same, which includes Premiere and PS, is on the hard drive with me here in the country.


      I have a collection of AVCHD video clips that I need to convert to the avi format. Here in the country, I imported each into Premiere, and the same thing happened to each in turn: after exporting them to the Encoder, setting the specs to Microsoft avi, and checking for the best results, I clicked the export button. The Encoder and Premiere crashed. I deleted Premiere and PS on this system and called Adobe tech support for help, which I got; the person guided me through a fresh installation of those programs. I tried again with Premiere, and the same thing happened. The person, who did not stick around, advised that if it crashed again, it was Win 7's fault, and that I would have to have Jonathan clean off the hard drive and reinstall Win 7.


      Out of desperation, I downloaded a trial version of Premiere onto my laptop, which is also an Ultra with Win 7 Professional, a 430 gig hard drive, and 2 gigs of ram. I opened a 5-minute AVCHD clip into Premiere and exported it to the Encoder. It came out as an avi file without a hitch.


      Please, someone, if you have an explanation for all of this–pretty please, would you let me (and poor Jonathan) in on it. And if you have a better solution than the one I've come up, I'm all ears.


      Thank you,


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          Andrey V Level 2

          Perhaps you have installed some other codecs or codec paks on the system after premiere. So that would contribute to crashes.

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            karlakraus@yahoo.com Level 1

            No, I did not install anything.

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              Are your OS on 32-bit or 64-bit? CS5 only works on 64-bit OS. Or your PC might need more ram. Good luck.

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                karlakraus@yahoo.com Level 1

                I have a 64-bit syetm and 4 gigs of ram.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Hm-m, 4GB RAM on a Win7-64 is just about enough to run the OS, and really not THAT much more. Can you bump that up?


                  It might be possible to get a bit more for PrPro, if you do a good cleaning of the Startup & Services, that are not needed for an editing session. This ARTICLE gives some tips, and also points to some links for Win7-64 Tune Up (Black Viper's Web site).


                  Good luck,



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                    karlakraus@yahoo.com Level 1



                    Thanks ever so much for responding. The problem is that my laptop, which is also using Win 7 but with much less ram, experiences NONE of the symptoms that this stand-alone does. The same holds true for my other stand-alone, presumably the twin of this troublesome stand-alone, in my city place 130 miles away.


                    Jonathan, my computerman, who alas is away this week, theorizes that some Win 7 update may be the culprit, that or a chip may be damaged; since neither of the other two computers has experienced anything like this problem, I suspect it is a chip. The fact is that something SUDDENLY happened on this system. Earlier in May I created a complex 2 gig show on this system in a program called Proshow Producer, using video clips that I edited in Premiere and psds and jpegs that I created in PS, and I posted same as a 450-odd meg avi on Vimeo--all with no grief whatsoever. Then I began on a new show on this same stand-alone, but I hadn't gotten very far with it when suddenly everything began going bonkers: multiple crashes when trying to use Premiere, my wiping the whole Creative Suite out and reinstalling it 2 times, with assistance from Adobe tech support (very coldly and unsympathetically, I must say). I've had to take all of CS off again. I've left on only Photoshop, which works fine, and on the laptop I installed a trial version of Premiere, which works fine there. Yes, I tried installing a trial of Premiere on this stand-alone, and the system crashed yet again.  As for Proshow Producer, as soon as I tried to load the first few slides of my new show, it crashed; I tried the same on my laptop--no problem.


                    Any suggestions that you or anyone else would care to make will be greatly appreciated.





                    PS You can see-hear the previous work on vimeo: http://www.vimeo.com/23829369


                    PPS I use my real name there.