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    Animate the creation of a component?


      This seems simple enough, but I can't find a tutorial on it or reference anywhere. So I get transitions and animation in Flex. Really cool, but in a program I've written there is a button that is getting pressed and it's opening a new titlewindow that is taking focus. Instead of just having the titlewindow pop up, I would like to use some animation to make it fade in, or slide in (or anything really fun like that), but I can't seem to figure out how to animate the creation of a new component? I know this is done, I've seen it before.... but I'm dense. Can anyone point me in the write direction? Ideally when the user is done with the titlewindow and they close it by clicking 'OK' or whatever, I'd like to reverse the animation (or transition), and make it disappear.


      This is all just to add some 'cool' to the app. Any help would be great!


      BTW, if it matters, I"m using PopUpManager to call the titlewindow.